Jack Up Rigs Leg Operation 2023

Huge gear box for a jack up rig was successfully repaired at our main location in Houston and shipped back to the client. Marine or Offshore we do both.


Anchor Chain Replacement 2022

Regularly our teams leave the homeport and change anchors and/or chains at Bolivar Roads or anywhere our clients need this service.


Hopper Fabrication 2022

Alpha Mar was contracted to fabricate a custom hopper for a private terminal. The hopper was entirely designed and engineered from scratch, then fabricated and tested by AMG. AMG’s hopper is a one-of-a-kind hopper, designed with the unique attribute to carry a wide range of bulk products from fertilizer to metal ores to crushed concrete.


Hydraulic Cylinder Rudder Engine 2021

Good knowledge about rigging comes in handy if you are moving heavy hydraulic cylinders through the steering gear room in order to exchange it.

Hoisting Wire Gear Box Exchange 2020


Together with our partner MacGregor we exchanged the gear box of the hoisting wire while the ship was docked at Jacintoport.

Bow Thurster Installation 2020


Alpha Mar team installed an overhauled bow thruster back to the vessel while afloat at City Docks. We utilized our own pontoon to cut down barge costs.

Free Fall Boat Davit Repair in Miami 2019


Our client’s vessel suffered a stern damage which also affected the free fall boat davit. Due to the critical importance of the davit, repair couldn’t wait until next dry dock and the vessel had to keep delivering containers to the Caribbean Islands. We decided to remove the davit, repair it on spot and mounted it back once the vessel returned to Miami.

Crane Jib Repair / Installation 2019

With our valuable partner MacGregor U.S.A. we repaired and installed a crane jib back to a vessel’s crane tower.

Crane Foot Bearing Removal 2018

In cooperation with our partner MacGregor USA we removed a frozen crane foot bearing and brought it into our shop for reconditioning. The bearing will be sent to the next port and installed by MacGregor in Germany.

Port Of Houston Barbours Cut Terminal 2018

In preparation of the hurricane season Tie down and Stowage pockets were installed by the Alpha Mar team in order to secure the container cranes at the Port of Houston Barbours Cut Terminal. The completion date was especially critical here and so two shifts were worked in order to fulfill the customer's requests, showcasing our adaptability and duty to the customer.

Hatch Cover Repair 2018

One of the operating arms of the hold no. 1 hatch covers got bent and the hinge broke. We fabricated a complete new box including sleeve and pin. The old box was cropped out and we fabricated a new box which was fitted, aligned and welded. The job went on in 2 shifts and the vessel could sail to its next destination.

Wire sheave repair 2018

Here's how we removed and replaced 2 sheaves from a NMF DKII crane without removing the wires. All was done without any off-hire for the vessel and to the satisfaction of our regular customer.

Portable Crane 2017

Alpha Mar was recently contracted by Enterprise Products to custom build a 1-ton Portable Jib Crane for their terminal operations.

The crane is one of a kind with Marine grade Aluminum construction for ease of movement due to its lightweight. The added stabilizers on the base of the crane can be used to lift the crane during operation to ensure that the crane does not move. The design, construction and testing were all done right here at Alphamar and is a testament to our company’s teamwork and strict adherence to our client’s needs.

Gangway extension 2017

We have a wide stock of different gangways to purchase or rent. But we can also modify your gangways as you can see here as an example. Our client needed his 50 ft gangway extended to 60 ft. We do also test and certify them before delivery.

MacGregor crane hook repair 2017

We did a full overhaul of a MacGregor crane hook in our shop. The repairs included fabricating of a new sleeve for the bearing, fabrication of a new pin and load testing with double of the SWL in the shop before delivery to our client MacGregor.

Maersk Drill Rig Pipe Installation 2017

Before the re-activation of the rig our team went on board to install some new discharge lines for the cuttings. A smooth installation without any delays to the satisfaction of our client.

Port of Houston Bulkhead Sand Blasting and Coating 2016



Alpha Mar successfully bid and got awarded the Port of Houston 2016 Splash Zone Painting and Associated Bulkhead Repairs at Woodhouse Terminal. Project consist of sandblasting, cleaning and coating the splash zone of more than 1,800 linear feet of bulkhead under wharf 1, 2 and 3 at Woodhouse terminal. Project was completed on time, under budget while meeting and surpassing all client's specs and inspections.


Maersk Drillship Cabin Refurbishment 2016

Refurbish Cabin

After one of the cabins on Maersk Drillship burned up due to a faulty computer charger, Alpha Mar Group was assigned to refurbish / recondition this cabin while the ship was still at sea. Pre-fabrication of furniture was performed as per clients standards and installation went through in less than a week, making this a successful on time, on budget project for both the client and Alpha Mar Group. (Picture shows cabin condition at 85% finish)


Main engine inspection 2016


Our team pulled 5 pistons, measured them and installed them back within 3 days on a MaK M43 main engine at Manchester Terminals.

Telescopic Gangway Repair 2016


Last week we had a gangway in our shop for repairs. While other parties declared it as a total loss we got even more ambitious to show what's possible. Within 3 days we managed to repair this heavily damaged gangway and made it even look better than a new one.

Side Shell Repair Care Terminal 2016


During the weekend we were called to repair a crack in the shell plating of one vessel. Our 24/7 response team deployed on short notice class approved welders and materials in order to make an insert 20" x 35". The team worked around the clock in order to acommodate the vessel's tight schedule.

Heating Coil + Shell Plate Repair Houston Anchorage 2016


A lot of logistics and labor were involved in order to finish this job on time. 2 launch boats were travelling between Galveston and the vessel daily. The cargo tanks had to be cleaned and the heating lines to be pressure tested and repaired. Our highly qualified plumbers were able to replace and solder the special AL BR pipes and fittings. Another damage on the vessel's shell plate was also repaired during this time.

Maersk Semi Submersible Rig -Drop IN Platforms 2016

After removal of their secondary ROV, Maersk Offshore Semi Submersible Rig needed to find a way to cover the area with out losing the possibility to re install a secondary ROV on Board. Alpha Mar Engineers design and fabricate 4 Drop In Removable Platforms which gave the rig extra space having almost same structural capacity as existing deck with out losing future modification opportunities. Fabrication was perform in our structural steel shop minimizing end user cost with out compromising  precise fit up.

Container Vessel HFO Tank Damage 2016

Alpha Mar Group responded to inspect a crack on the vessel's side shell plating. During the inspection inside the HFO tank some buckled and cracked web frames were discovered too. On the same day we deployed a cleaning team and equipment to the vessel and started with the repairs. Our quick response time has again been proven to be the way to success.




Painting hull of a tanker 2015

Tanker Painting

If you know how, the Port of Houston allows you to paint your vessel's hull. Here we just finished the complete PS of one tanker at City Docks with more than 32% power brushing, 2 coats of primer, one full coat of paint and repainting the logo. The job was carried out around the clock and due to favorable weather the complete job was finished within 2 days.

Maersk Drillship-Completion Bridges 2014/2015

PTDC2101 (Medium)

Maersk Offshore Drill Ship  required more space during their "completion stage" For which Alpha Mar - IMW Team Fabricated and install 2 - 25 Tons Completion Bridges to be fitted between BOP Gantry Crane Rails. High Tech Laser Measurements where taken by Alpha Mar - IMW Team to guarantee fitment. CNC Plate cutting was utilized 100% to ensure precision fabrication.

Maersk Drillship – Filterpress Piping 2015

Maersk Drillship needed to install two new filters on their pipe deck which required approximately 2,000 linear ft of new piping going from  port's mud pump room all the way to starboard on the pipe deck. Alpha Mar-IMW team went on board to perform this work while the vessel remain under standard drilling operations. Project was done as a design and built with critical delivery schedule. Some bulkhead penetrations had to be done to pass the pipe from one room to another, which was no big challenge for Alpha Mar-IMW having already work many times with different classification society fabrication codes. After job completion, job was inspected by ABS surveyors with excellent remarks from their part.

Propeller Straightening 2014


There are not many companies in the market who are able to straighten propeller blades. We were requested to straighten 2 propeller blades while the vessel was afloat under supervision of the class. With experience and know-how we straightened the 2 blades to save the owners an expensive dry docking and reduced the vessel's down time to a minimum.


Rudder stock repair on a laden vessel 2014


A chemical tanker hit the berth while leaving Houston after loading and damaged her rudder stock from the pintle rudder. The vessel was not allowed to discharge the same cargo in the States. We removed the rudder and stock in laden condition. The rudder stock was straightened and the rudder carrier and foundation machined.

Generator Rewinding 2021

We rewind all kinds and sizes of generators and motors. This one is a 910 kW Leroy Somer generator which was rewound and successfully shop tested.

Hydrophore Tank Fabrication 2020


Our client needed a new hydrophore tank since the existing tank was corroded. They decided to upgrade to stainless steel. We fabricated the tank using one of our many welding procedures and the tank was tested and accepted by class.

Wire Sheave Repair 400mt 2019

In cooperation with company HMB Lintec we replaced the wire sheave from a 400mt NMF crane hook which broke during cargo operation. Due to age the shafts were seized and had to be flushed out with our oxygen lancing equipment which is always available in Houston.

Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Inspection 2019

Alpha Mar Service Technician performing Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Inspection for the tightness of the hatch covers. We have state of the art equipment to make sure that there are no leaks and your cargo is safe from any water damage on your next sea voyage.

Sludge Pump Installation 2019

Alpha Mar team removed an old sludge pump and motor assembly and installed a complete new pump and motor assembly including the piping layout, electrical wiring and associated layouts for the class.

Stern Damage Repair 2018

A tanker had a collision which caused extensive damage to its Aft deck plate and side shell plate. The panama chocks along with the angle stiffeners were also damaged. Alpha Mar began by cropping out the plates and the panama chocks. The damaged sections of the angles were also cropped out. New AH/DH36 plates were welded and new panama chocks were fitted onto the aft deck plate. The housing box for the emergency towing rope was also found to be damaged. It was renewed with new angle supports and hinges and welded back in place.

NMF Crane foot bearing repair 2018

With a growing age of many fleets, the need to carry out extensive repairs during port stays increased. Here we carry out the exchange of 2 crane foot bearings together with our partners HMB Lintec from Buxtehude. The job was done within the anticipated time frame to the satisfaction of all involved parties.

Hatch cover repair 2018

Our team was called to repair the hatch cover of a container vessel after the box had dropped onto it. Within 3 days our certified welders installed 4 inserts and all welding seams were UT tested. The tests passed on the first attempt. Class as well as the client was impressed.

Crane foot bearing exchage 2018


Together with our partners HMB Lintec Marine from Germany we successfully exchanged a crane foot bearing of a Liebherr crane at City Docks. The entire job took only 16 hours and the client was very happy with the turnover time.

Crane hook overhaul 2017

2 x 45mt cargo gear reconditioning including bench test at 90mt.

Stainless Steel S Bend Reducers 2017

Fabrication of 3 custom made stainless steel s bend reducers. All welding seems were 100% x-ray, UT and pressure tested. Knowledge, precision and craftmanship combined result in beautiful products. 

Alpha Mar Gangway 2017

Fabrication of a new Alpha Mar gangway. Drawing, fabrication and testing according to class requirements all in-house.

Shell plate insert tanker 2016


Our team worked at anchorage and had to deal with adverse weather conditions in order crop out and install a new insert on a tanker off-shore Galveston. Despite some delays due to heavy rain and winds the job was succesfully completed.

Launch boat reapir 2016


One of our good local clients had some issues to get his lauch boat coast guard approved. Our team had to carry out some steel and aluminum replacements. All jobs were completed to coast guard's satisfaction and the boat is already out serving his clients.

Maersk Drillship Potable Water Pipeline 2016


Alpha Mar Group was challenged to change all the existing carbon steel potable water pipeline of one of their clients drill ship to a less corrosive material, in the most affordable and fastest way possible, while minimizing downtime. Alpha Mar suggested the use of press fitted stainless steel which help to complete demolition and installation of more than 1,200 linear ft of 3" and 2" pipe in less than 2 weeks. Project exceeded client's expectations and is planned to be repeated on their sister ship.

75 mt double bit bollards 2016

Double bit

We just finished the fabrication of 4 custom made double bit bollards with a SWL of 75 mt including load testing in our facility.

Hatch Cover Hydraulic Cylinder Repair 2016


Over the weekend we carried out a repair of a hydralic cylinder for the hatch covers on a BBC vessel. We removed the cylinder, openend it, repaired damages to the liner and mounted it back together with new seals. After pressure testing we delivered it back on board. Reliable and quality service around the clock.

Sewage Treatmant Tank Fabrication 2016


One of our good clients was in need of a new sewage treatment tank. A new tank from the maker was obsolete and they asked us if we will be able to fabricate a new one for them. Our engineers went on board to gather necessary information and measurements needed for the new fabrication of the tank. One week later the tank was ready for shipment.

Heating Coil Repair Off Galveston 2016


The word spreads. Alpha Mar is specialized in heating coil repairs. Our experience and vast knowledge of working with different kind of pipe materials enables us to finish all kind of heating coil repairs even while the vessel is far away from the shore line. Although work orders changed our team kept on working focussed and dedicated to complete this job to the vessel's managers satisfaction.

Shaft Generator Repair 2016

Our engineers flew to Kingston / Jamaica in order to carry out troubleshooting and repairs on a shaft generator. Unfortunately they discovered severe damages which could not be repaired on board. The German owner than flew the generator to Houston where the generator shaft was welded and machined as well as other repairs carried out. A couple of days later the generator left our shop fully overhauled and tested.


Cargo Hold Cleaning 2016

Since we are serving the entire Gulf coast it is no problem for us to mobilize and carry out cargo hold cleaning jobs even at Corpus Christi, quick and efficient to our clients satisfaction.


Maersk Drillship IWOCS 2015


Maersk Offshore Drill Ship needed a way to load their FMC IWOCS equipment directly from their ship to the ocean floor. Alpha Mar - IMW Team fabricated and installed 3 pedestals and 2 cantilever beams on board.The 3 pedestals hold the winches and the FMC equipment required for the lowering of the IWOCS . The 2 cantilever beams above the moon pool carried the load of  the equipment, lowering and data wiring. Project was done as a design and built with a tight schedule under vessels normal completion operations.

Maersk Semi Submersible platform- Azimuth motors and gearboxes 2015


We overhauled a total of 16 Azimuth gearboxes and hydraulic motors for  Maersk  semi-submersible platform. All work was done clean and efficient in our workshop.

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